I'm Efren, an eighteen year old kid from the state of Nebraska who's about to venture into the college world. What you will find in my blog are my love for music, video games, sports, and personal posts. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to put something in my Ask Box and you can look at my About Me page to have a more in-depth analysis.
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Gregorian monks singing “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”


Why is this a thing that exists?




"on the boooooolovarrrd of brooookennnn dreeeemmsss"

  • Track: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Artist: Gregorian
  • Album: Masters of Chant Chapter V
  • Plays: 1552975

OK Go Concert

I just came back from the OK Go concert at my university and it was amazing! This was my second concert I’ve ever been to in general and it was a fun experience. I went with my roommate and some of our friends. We were able to get seats within the first few rows, so we had a pretty good view. Eventually, my roommate and I went right in front of the stage. There were strobe lights and confetti cannons throughout the show and it felt surreal, especially when the cannons went off during “The Writing’s On the Wall”. It felt like I was in a dream. During the last encore, the band played their famous “Here It Goes Again” and they allowed people within the first few rows to get on stage with them and sing. That’s right, I was onstage with OK Go singing “Here It Goes Again”! It was an overall great experience. Now, here comes the crappy part of the event. When My friends and I first got in our seats, I was sitting at the end with one seat opened next to me. A girl came up to me and asked if she can sit in the open seat. I said yes since no one was using it. I found her to be pretty cute. We didn’t talk while we sat next to each other while we waited for the show to start and saw the opening act. During the intermission of the opening act and OK Go, the rows of people in front of us got up from their seats and decided to go sit in the previously reserved seats. Now that the seats in front of us were open, I could tell that the girl wanted to get closer and sit in the now-vacant area. She kept moving  here, debating if she should move or not. I decided to finally say something to her about an hour since our initial conversation. I simply asked if she was going to move up since I noticed her inner debate. She replied that she was thinking about it and I convince her t finally do so, so she went. My friends noticed an open spot a few rows ahead that w could go to. As my friends got up to move, I noticed that there was a spot next to the girl and I was starting to think about going to sit with her. I decided to sit with my friends since I came with them and I absolutely didn’t know her. As my roommate and I moved to right in front of the stage late in the show, I noticed that the girl moved up another row. After the encore where part of the audience went onstage with the band, I noticed that she was leaving the stage. My friends ad I were exiting the stage and I coincidentally was right behind her. I knew this would be my final chance to talk with her, so as we were leaving the auditorium, I came up to her and reminded her that I was he person who she sat next to before the show and I asked if she enjoyed it. She replied yes and we continued to walk down the hallway that led to the exit. I wanted to continue to talk to her, but my nerves got to me and instead told her to have a goodnight. I felt like a complete idiot afterwards. My friends and I were still looking for the exit and I noticed that the girl was still around us. The hallway eventually branched. My friends and I were decided on which path to take. We choose one and the girl went the same direction. The entire time since me telling her to have a goodnight, she kept looking back and I’m pretty sure she kept doing that to look at me. I don’t know what that meant, but I hope it wasn’t something bad. We weren’t following her, we just happened to be near her the entire time of the exiting process. Once we were outside, We were all going to head in the same direction, but my roommate decided to take another way to our dorm. I decided to go with my roommate since I was starting to think I left a bad impression of the girl. As we were walking to our dorm, I told my roommate about the girl and he said that I should go back and see if I could find her. I told him that I wasn’t going to because that could be taken as a creepy gesture and there wasn’t a definite chance I would find her in the first place. The show was free for the students at my university, so it was mostly college kids that attended. I’m not even sure if the girl was a student. There’s always the possibility that she wasn’t. She could’ve also been an upperclassmen that lived off-campus. Who knows. All I know is that I probably won’t see her again. I shouldn’t be worked up about it. This is just another story of me having fun at a social event, coming across a girl that I found attractive and chickened out from getting contact information. This has happened quite a few times now. Some of you are probably thinking, “Efren, again?” Yes, it has happened once again. Besides that, I had a good night, which is what really matters.


I listened to U2’s new album yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to. I don’t have iTunes, so I listened had to listen to it on YouTube. I haven’t really listened their songs from recent years, so I didn’t have an idea of what direction they’ve been going. “Every Breaking Wave” is my favorite track off the album.


I’m glad it’s the weekend because I’ll be able to relax for a little bit. Besides finishing up homework, I think my weekend will be good. I’m going to the OK Go concert at my university tonight, so I’m excited about that. Sadly, the Huskers are playing at Fresno State tomorrow, so I won’t be able to go to the game unless I somehow get a ticket for the game and a plane ticket to California. I start my job of being a flag football official for my university’s intramural league on Monday and I’m excited, yet nervous about it. This is my first job, so I hope I do well!

Even though I’ve posted this the past two years for 9/11, I still find U2’s tribute to the horrific event to be pretty powerful. I get pretty emotional when watching this, especially when the list of the names of people who lost their lives where shown in the background.

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