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End of an Era

Today marked the final time Derek Jeter appeared in a baseball game. He was the reason why I fell in love with baseball many years ago. Twenty years is a very long time to play the support, so it was amazing he played for that long, especially with one team. It was his childhood dream to play shortstop for the New York Yankees, so it was really cool that he got to live that. He created a lot of memories that not only Yankees fans will remember for years to come, but memories for all baseball fans to cherish. He was the last remnant of the Yankees’ dynasty from the late-90s and early 2000s, so anything from that era except for memories are now gone. I just want to say that it’s been a pleasure to watch you play all these years and it was an honor to see you play in person this year. Baseball will miss you greatly.

Over a year ago, my best friend Megan and I decided to create a day to celebrate us being best friends. We decided that the day would be right between our birthdays. Today, September 27th, is our Bestfriendship Day. I’m in college and she’s still in high school, so I haven’t really gotten to see her much lately. It’s been more than a month since we’ve seen each other in person. We still talk on a regular basis. These are recent pictures of the two of us from the last year or so. Happy Bestfriendship Day Megan!

New York Groove

All day, I was bummed out about Derek Jeter playing his final game in Ne York tonight. I wore my Jeter jersey all day with pride. There was supposed to rain in New York, so the possibility of the baseball game being played today weren’t looking too good. It was raining all day in the Bronx and it cleared up right before the game started with a rainbow going over Yankee Stadium. God wanted Derek Jeter to play today. When it came around game time, I couldn’t watch it because my university didn’t have the channel. Instead, I followed the game on Twitter. As the game went on, I started to cry because this was the end of his career. I cried for a good hour while reading the updates. When it got halfway through the game, I had to go work. My job is an intramural flag football official and since no teams showed up for a while, I was on my phone checking the progress of the game. The Yankees were winning 5-2 near the end of the game. The game eventually tied in the ninth and one of my co-workers who’s a Red Sox fan told me that the Yanks were going to lose. I noticed that Jeter was going to bat third in the bottom of the ninth, so I made the prediction that Derek Jeter would win the game on a walk-off. My co-worker dismissed that. At this time, teams started to show up, so we had to get working. Right when the bottom of the ninth ending started. While the teams were setting up, I decided to check up on the game. Once I opened up Twitter, all I saw was Derek Jeter winning the game on a walk-off, just like I predicted! I stat jumping around and I wanted to cry out of joy. My favorite baseball player had a storybook ending to a legendary career in the final home game of his career. On the football side, my team, the New York Giants, were playing against the Washington Redskins. The Giants started the season off slowly, but picked up momentum this Sunday in their win against the Houston Texans. Since I was at work, I couldn’t watch the game. I found out that Eli Manning, my favorite football player, had a great game. He threw for 300 yards, had four passing touchdown, and one rushing touchdown, The Giants are looking like they’re back to their amazing selves that I haven’t seen in a long time. Today was just a great day for sports in New York. Derek Jeter created an everlasting memory as he left Yankee Stadium for the final time and the Giants have regained their long-lost groove. I want to say thank you Derek for all of the amazing memories! You will be missed.

I know this is a week old, but I still want to post this in honor of Derek Jeter playing his final game at Yankee Stadium tonight. Like all of the other Jeter tribute commercials, this has made me cry. The playing of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and showing Jeter’s usual humbleness made me tear up. Thanks Derek for what you did for baseball for the past twenty years. You’ll be very missed on the diamond.