I'm Efren, an eighteen year old kid from the state of Nebraska who's about to venture into the college world. What you will find in my blog are my love for music, video games, sports, and personal posts. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to put something in my Ask Box and you can look at my About Me page to have a more in-depth analysis.
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I know I’m pretty behind on this, but I’m excited that The Airborne Toxic Event is releasing a new album (which I just found out would be titled “Dope Machines”). I knew they would be releasing one some time in the near future since they debuted quite a few new songs, so I’m glad it’s official now. I just hope the band will come to Nebraska because last time I’ve checked, they haven’t had a concert here.


So I’ve been home for a day and it feels like I never left. It just feels really good to be back home. I’m excited to go back to college and my independence, but it feels so good to be living through a nostalgic experience. I kinda feel a year or two younger now that I’m home if this is making sense. Also, I’ll try to post more. I know I haven’t been able to for a while and I feel bad about it.


I’ve been in college for almost two months and this weekend will be the first time that I’ll be returning home. It’s my university’s fall break this weekend and I didn’t want to go home during a regular weekend because I want to stay for more than two days at a time. I’m really looking forward to going back to Omaha and seeing friends and family again.